The Little Purple Barn is located off the I-5, just down Copus Road.

The Little Purple Barn!

Open Today
8:00am - 5:00pm

9557 Copus Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93313

(661) 858-1100

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The Biggest Location for Pick Your Own Cherries!

Visit in May!

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Notable Features

  • The best source for Cherry Picking in all of Kern County!

  • The only OTHER place to get Murray Family Farms fudge!

  • Most all the melons grown by Murray Family Farms will come from here!



  • Cherry Trees rarely bloom at the same time. Catching the moment when all trees are in bloom is said to bring good luck for the entire year.

  • During a sillier time in Kern County history, the area around the Little Purple Barn (LPB) was used as a luxury man-made water ski and bass fishing area.

  • The LPB is surrounded by date trees. The dates must be pollinated by hand or balloon. Due to their size, it's easier to use them for decoration than try and harvest them.

  • The Little Purple Barn used to be the "Heinz Weigh Station" where tomatoes were measured for their trip to become ketchup. We've converted it into a pit-stop of the ages. If you look, you can actually see the pressure pad behind the store.


The Little Purple Barn has recently been renovated, bringing a rich landmark of Kern County history back to the Mainstream!

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