The Famous Murray Family Farm October Fun Fest

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The zombies… ARE COMING!


Join us at the Big Red Barn to enjoy our Plants Vs Zombies themed Shooting gallery!

Potato Blasters, Corn Cannons, and our paintball shooting gallery
all feature your favorite plants!



Meet Spookley, and see tons of your favorite plants around the farm.

Photo opportunties abound to memorilze that time you helped fight off tons of zombies from the local farm. You’re not going to want to forget it!


A good planting is the best defense!

Visitors will have the chance to see tons of adorably ditzy zombies and plants from the games. Don’t hesitate to jump in on the fun, and protect the farm - and your brains!



We’ll have dozens of pumpkin varieties on our farm

It’s true! It’s so true in fact, it’s the topic of our Fruit Spotlight! Why a fruit spotlight? Because pumpkins are gourds! Pumpkins are squash, and also gourds. A fruit is, “the usually edible reproductive body of a seed plant.”Pumpkins are edible, and if you've ever cut one open, you know it's full of seeds, so the pumpkin is the fruit of the pumpkin vine. “


Meet and Greet with our cuddly friends from the animal garden!

One of the nicest parts of working on a farm is making friends with so many new people. Sometimes our new friends aren't people though! Come introduce yourself to the four legged members of our Barn like the Golden Girls, Olaf and Elsa the Pony, and our three sheep Timmy, Speck and Dave!

Don’t forget about our entire rainbow of rare birds, too!

Plants Vs Zombies
Corn Maze!

Halloween tunnel.jpg

See the most amazing pumpkins ever grown!

Not only will you get a chance to feast your eyes on all manner of pumpkin and plant, but you’ll be able to take one home FREE, or purchase more pumpkins from around the farm including a HUGE variety of super unique shapes, colors, and sizes!


An entire generation of Bakersfield natives share memories of picking a pumpkin on the farm, right out of the fields.

Memories turn to Tradition when we pass them down, and this is a Bakersfield tradition! Don't miss out on your chance to share this experience with your family as October Fun Fest treats the young and young at heart to Delicious food, Games, Ripe fruit and an unforgettable experience.



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