Howdy, Partners.

We love Bakersfield and that means helping out organizations across Kern county. This page is dedicated as a special thank you to those that showed a little bit of that love farm side.

Dry Creek Mini-Barns isn't your average storage place.  It was started by two Mennonite brothers Willard and Curtis Martin who grew up in Pennsylvania working with their father Isaac Martin in residential construction.  It took 4 years of moving, but between 1998 and 2002  Isaac would move his 5 sons out to California and begin developing commercial homes.  In 2003, the company split into three departments - Development, Construction, and Storage. 

What you get with Dry Creek isn't just pre-fab drab. You get a sturdy full fledged structure, built with the confidence and quality only generations of experience can give you.  It's pretty amazing what you can do when you take some world class builders and ask them to build some gorgeous and functional storage. I mean, storage is great but these are contributions to any landscape! Just Beautiful! Take a look below, or come out onto the farm and take a look at ours!

Lindsay Ono is a professor at Bakersfield College, one of the most fantastic places to learn about Agriculture in the United States. As a professor in such a prestigious location Lindsay has a a wealth of knowledge that when paired with the kindness of small town life makes for an approachable man and a wonderful learning experience.

Dale Edwards is a Kern County native, born and raised in the Southern San Joaquin Valley. He gains his moniker "Sultan of Sod" from his exceptional knowledge of turf grass management, for which he recieved a degree from Perdue University.  While he consults businesses, landscape professionals and homeowners on the growth and maintenance of lawns, he operates "Old River Sod" on Taft Highway where you can get the advice of a literal expert!  

Their powers combined, they are the hosts of "Country Garden Talk Radio".  Murray Family Farms is a longtime sponsor of their show, as they bring home gardening back to the forfront of our lives! You can actually hear from Steve or Vickie Murray on the show every second saturday of the month!



Bucks Brings Backyard Beauty!

Buck's Landscaping is responsible for our Duck Pond in the animal garden, and it isn't the least of Buck's fantastic feats. 

Waterless Rivers for your home.


No Hassle Nirvana.

Xeriscape is a type of design that allows you to be water-smart, and still have a beautiful yard. Water is valuable, but so is curb appeal!

Pondless Lakes conserve water and add beauty to any outdoor space.


A huge variety of Aquatic plants contribute to a sense of calm refreshing atmosphere.


Hometown Hardware from Kern Machinery


Kern Machinery's roots in Kern County go back as far as 1917 during WWI when WB Camp was sent to oversee cotton cultivation.

He would later start a farm in Kern County and eventually a farming equipment store near Buttonwillow. Today they are still farming, and still offering everything you need to get the job done with more locations than you can shake an almond tree at.


We're proud to work with Kern Machinery as they help us get our Family Farm Fanatics around the farm each October Fun Fest with their tractors!

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Thanks to Sunbelt Rentals, We’re able to keep our farm lit, figuratively and literally! It’s always awesome to work with a company like Sunbelt. They were more than helpful, organized, and quick. It was a great experience. They offer a whole slew of services to make any organization ready to overcome any challenge. We know we did! Thank you so much!