The Famous Murray Family Farm October FunFest.

We have all kinds of fun things planned for October Fun-Fest 2018, but we'll have all of your favorites. 

October Fact Fest

The Corn in our Corn Maze isn’t people corn.

There are two types of corn, (There’s actually hundreds, but for the sake of simplicity…) Field corn, and sweet corn. Field corn is also known as “Cow corn” because it’s used as cow feed and corn syrup. It’s unbelievably high carb, starchy and sugarless. No amount of butter will bring this corn up to snuff! It makes for great bushy corn mazes, however.


A Happier, Healthier Halloween.

Starting your Halloween on the farm with fresh fruit is a great way to enjoy the real flavor of fall. In the U.S. most teens eat the equivalent of 18 snack size candy bars in sugar per day! That’s basically Halloween everyday


Agricultural Nightmare Fuel

Early farmers grew Turnips for carving each Hallow’s eve. They require less water, but aren’t quite as easy as the hollow alternative. They certainly were more spooky, though! While a carved pumpkin is called a “Jack o’ Lantern” (Jack of the Lantern), carved turnips are called “Will o’ Whisp” (William of the Whisp). A whisp was the term for a candle wick or flame.


We’ll have dozens of pumpkin varieties on our farm

It’s true! It’s so true in fact, it’s the topic of our Fruit Spotlight! Why a fruit spotlight? Because pumpkins are gourds! Pumpkins are squash, and also gourds. A fruit is, “the usually edible reproductive body of a seed plant.”Pumpkins are edible, and if you've ever cut one open, you know it's full of seeds, so the pumpkin is the fruit of the pumpkin vine. “


An entire generation of Bakersfield natives share memories of picking a pumpkin on the farm, right out of the fields.

Memories turn to Tradition when we pass them down, and this is a Bakersfield tradition! Don't miss out on your chance to share this experience with your family as October Fun Fest treats the young and young at heart to Delicious food, Games, Ripe fruit and an unforgettable experience.



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