Visiting the Farm

             Murray Family Farms invites all ages to experience the Gem of Kern County: our marvelous agriculture. For those familiar with nature and those just getting to know the outdoors, visiting a real producing farm is always a sure-fire way to have a whole mess of fun. You can experience the traditional pleasures of picking fruit grown sustainably, organically, and superbly ripe or have fun like farmers do with our Corn Cannons and the Murray Hill Slide. 

            Farming is one of the oldest arts known to mankind, yet some of our most amazing techniques dwindle through generations. Learn about growing techniques handed down through the years, and follow along with the little ones as they learn about the life-cycle of a pumpkin or the daily life of ants. There's so much to be had at Murray Family Farms, we hope you join us all week long, and stop by during the weekend where we fire up the wagon rides and prime the corn cannon for a weekend celebration fit for a farmers week worth of work!

Activities Hours

8:00am - 6:00pm

Notice: Final Hayride will be at 5:30pm.


What's there to do on a farm?!


Pick your Own on the Farm!

So many seasonal treats! We have so much available for picking on the farm, with two locations each fostering their own unique types of fruit for U-pick year-round. Come on Weekends to make farm travel easy by hopping on our tractor to go from place to place and pick all your favorites, certifiably sustainable, splendidly organic!  Remember, you'll always recieve fruit that you pick from the farm at a discount compared to inside the Barn!

This is only available with farm admission.  Seasonal Harvest times are subject to changes in weather.
Call ahead for U-pick availability. 

Everyday Farm Fun!
Weekday or Weekend, these attractions are open!

Auntie Annabell’s Animal Garden

Stroll through the hand painted concrete tunnel into the lush and beautiful Auntie Annabell’s Animal Garden. Brimming with beautiful flowers, abundant foliage, and flocks of friendly critters. Don’t miss the old time “water pump rubber ducky races” now located in the animal garden. Watch your children play in the plastic ball pool while enjoying the shade in our central court with turtle doves cooing in the background.

Meet boar crosses, pygmies and kidder goats! We have amiable sheep and the very sweet but sassy miniature horse, and you can pet them through our sweet little petting windows for one on one time! Please don’t forget to use our darling “sink go round” and wash your hands with soap and water. Animal feed stations are located in 3 areas of the garden to delight children and critters alike. Feed pellets take quarters, so don’t forget to bring change!



The Excellent and Exotic Aviary of Friends and Fowl

Right next door to the Animal Garden you’ll find our 1,500 square foot peacock hutch and Aviary. The happy royal blues holler loudly, court, strut, and show their beautiful plumage. in the Aviary, you’ll find a collection of hundreds of Tropical birds and unique chickens. All of our birds are bred here naturally and not taken from their home in the wild, as not to upset the balance of nature. Being around humans their entire life, these birds are friendly and happy to meet all the new friends visiting the farm!

Mount Murray Slide N Ride:

Summertime Sled! This Children’s Barnyard Toboggan Hill utilizes cardboard on synthetic grass to exhilarate youth of all ages. Bigger than most, this hill is nearly 40 feet tall, sloping from a 10 foot high center! 


Pictured here is Red enjoying Mount Murray during Dog Days on the farm! It's the one special day of the year where you can enjoy farm life with your adorable furry baby!



The Bounce Pillow

Little kids, teenagers and “some” big kids (sorry, weight limit is 220 lbs) all love to jump on our giant bounce pillow. A Kern County exclusive, this 60 foot by 80 foot inflated pillow is placed halfway into the ground. Keep your head in the clouds and your feet off the ground, but stay safe!

Barnyard Ball Toss

This recent attraction is 60 feet long and has aim and shoot bulls-eyes for baseball, football and basketball. Practice your arm with one of America's pastimes! Can you throw a perfect spinner? The Barnyard Ball Toss is simple fun, especially if you have a competative streak!



The October Butterfly House

Our Butterfly House is one of the most magical experiences on the farm. A magnificent exhibit of the full lifecycle of the Monarch Butterfly. You can find Larvae, Chrysalis, and fully developed butterflies during the Fall at Murray Family Farms. 


Sadly, the Butterfly House is only available during October. Unless it's October right now, then you're one lucky son of a plum! Though legend has it, Santa sets up residence here in December.

The Boo Boo Slides

The Big Boo and Baby Boo are top knotch super slides! Practice on Murray Hill, then try out the Baby Boo's steeper lip, then head over to the Big Boo if you dare! A slide down the Big Boo is sure to satisfy your need for speed! Remember, young ones should only go down the Big Boo with adult supervision!

Weekend Farm Fun,
Available Saturday and Sunday!


 Tractor Tours and Wagon Rides

Our tractor drawn wagon rides are packed full of sights and sounds of a working farm as they traverse 43 scenic acres of cultivated crops. View the surrounding citrus groves, golden foothills, yellow roses, and the Tehachapi mountain skyline on top of a hay wagon. Our tour guides are outgoing, informative, and down right funny. Visitors get to sample what’s ripe for the picking, and learn about local points of interest, our farming practices, fruit facts, nutrition, and the surrounding agricultural splendor. Stops are made along the way to observe farming activities and to pick up U-Pickers.

Hayrides run Saturdays and Sundays only, or with a scheduled tour.


Colonel Murray Corn Cannons*

Have you ever wondered what farms do with all those corn cobs from the Corn Maze each year? You've got to see this.

Our Corn Cannons shoot corn cobs using compressed air and metal tubes. Take on the Great Pumpkin in a battle of the barrels. Can you knock his garden tool smile back in line?!

*The corn cannons undergo regular closures for upkeep and safety and may not be available. Call ahead for availability.

Animal Train

Old Mr.Murray had a farm, eeii eeii oo, and on the farm he had a purple sheep... Oh wait, that's the kiddie train!

The kittie train is the most adorable way to get around the farm. Available only on weekends, if you don't have a picture of your tot on this ride you are missing out! Each of our cuddly Animal Garden friends brought to life from painted barrels to offer the ponyride of a lifetime.

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