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It’s awesome to have you as part of our family.

Thank you.

You’re part of the team, true, but you’re definitely part of our family now. You might think that’s dramatic but it really isn’t. The average american spends about 49 hours a week sleeping, 28 at home, and 30 at work.  That means a lot of your waking hours are spent at your place of work. We know that, and we appreciate it.

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Our mission

At our Barns (we have two, the Big Red Barn on the 58 Freeway and the Little Purple Barn on the I-5 Freeway) our mission is to provide a place for families to experience all the fun and delicious stuff that comes alongside real farming while making memories that last a lifetime. When you spend your time here, you help us introduce more people to a source of joy that city life has caused most to forget, and the flavors that you can’t find anywhere else.


You’re not excluded from that either. We want you to enjoy your time here, and learn awesome new things you’ll be excited to tell other people. You’re just as much who we opened our Barns for as the families who come visit us. Murray Family Farms started out as a little cut of acreage, but after becoming one of the most successful cherry farms in the state, we wanted to give back to our area. In opening The Big Red Barn, we could bring jobs and smiles to families in Kern county. By working together, we can grow the barn to have more fun for families, and more opportunities for staff.

The Farm Behind the Barn

Being employed at one of our Barns means you’re the face of our farm. While you may not find yourself picking fruit customers will look to you for information on our farm. You’re the last person who sees the fruit before they do, of course, so here’s a little bit about us.


We grow rare fruit from all over the world.

Steven Murray speaks 17 different languages, and constantly travels the world to find new varieties of produce to bring back to our farm. Introducing people to new flavors is half the fun of being a farm, and Steven makes that possible. He’s like our personal mix of Willy Wonka and Indiana Jones.


We give school tours.

It isn’t uncommon to see a whole flock of kids at Murray Family Farms. We want to provide an environment for learning about where food comes from. 2 out of 7 kids in America believe that produce is made at the grocery store. (3 out of 500 adults think chocolate milk comes from brown cows.)


We grow ALOT of different fruit.

While most farms will grow 4 kinds of peaches, we grow over 250 different types of fruit. Most people understand that Red and Green apples are pretty different, but every variety of fruit has their own differences just like apples do. Often times if you don’t like one variety of orange, you’ll find one that you do! It’s pretty common for newcomers to find they love fruit they used to dislike.

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We’re first and foremost a cherry farm.

Murray family farms will harvest the first cherries in the entire world each year. Yeah, if you eat one of our cherries, you’re one of the first in the world to try one. (We tend to get pretty popular during cherry season. )

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We’re an Organic, Sustainable, Non-GMO farm.

If you’re not familiar, being an organic farm means we stay away from synthetic pesticides and stick to using natural methods of pest control. Being sustainable means we practice our farming in a way that uses our natural resources in a responsible manner. Being a Non-GMO farm means we don’t carry any fruit that are genetically modified (Theres actually a lot of these!)

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 Working at Murray Family Farms

When reading this, some of these points may be obvious to you. That’s because our secret is, we tend to hire pretty awesome people. If this is your first job, you may not know how to deal with some situations you may run into, or how to make the most of your time. Part of our role is to give you all the tools you need to succeed in your future here, or elsewhere in your career.

Customer Service

When guests visit Murray Family Farms, It’s like they’re visiting our home. After all, this is where our little family works. Learning to be a good host to visitors can be a learned skill, so we’re going to take the chance to give you a couple pointers on being the best host possible to visitors.

Get to know the Guest

Finding out a visitors name is a great way to get to know them, and can really let people know that they can feel comfortable around you and makes their entire visit more welcoming. Find out if they like anything that’s in season right now, or where they are headed. Is this their first time at the farm, or are they a veteran? Getting to know someone can be difficult without common ground, thankfully there’s one thing you both have in common. (You’re both at the Farm!)


Use open ended questions. Questions with a Yes or No answer are called closed ended questions because they can end quickly. Open ended questions normally lead to other discussions. “What type of fruit do you like?” (Correct!) “Do you like Oranges?” (Incorrect!)

Teach them how to use the farm

You are an expert of Murray Family Farms compared to 99% of people who enter the doors. You know what products are worth getting, what fruit tastes best and where they can find most anything in the store. When a customer visits the farm, ask them if they would like a basket for their products and ask them what they’re looking for. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to help them pick sweeter fruit or direct them to an olive they may enjoy. By suggesting products they’ll like or sharing your own favorites, you show that you’re willing to help and that you’re approachable if they need anything. Not to mention it always feels good to help someone have a great time. Remember, you’re an expert. Use your skills!


If someone asks you a question you can’t answer, you’ve hit a learning moment. Don’t leave them high and dry - find someone who knows and now you and your guest can learn together. You may not know everything that we grow, or every product on the shelves but every day is an opportunity to learn something new. Familiarize yourself with the products we carry. If you’ve never had something before, ask to give it a try! Ask questions about how to pick good fruit, or research online. Answering someones questions and helping them find a new favorite can be a fulfilling moment that makes our work mean something.

Have a Thick Skin, You might have to come to bat for us.

Sometimes you may encounter a customer that’s just frustrated or generally unhappy. They may have some issue that wasn’t clearly communicated and now theres been some confusion. Sometimes they just expected more from us than we gave. Often times you’re going to be the one who receives that frustration. Just remember they're not mad at you, they’re mad at us and we’re sorry for that. Don’t take it personally, just do your best to resolve their issue. Apologize to them for us, and follow through with the customer until they’ve had their issue resolved or you’ve passed them off to your supervisor. If you do have to leave a customer who has an issue, make sure to tell them where you’re going and why. This keeps them from feeling abandoned when you actually try and go help!

Stay Busy

Of course we’re going to say stay busy, right? Well, it isn’t quite what you think. If you’ve had prior jobs, you’re probably familiar with the heavy drag of slow days. A 5 hour shift can feel like a week! You’ll find yourself saying “How could it only be 8:10?”! Busy days at work seem to fly by. How often do you look up and say “Wow, I need to take my lunch!” on slow days? The best way to protect yourself is by planning out your day ahead of time. Ask your supervisor what needs to be done, or walk the store floor and take initiative with your supervisors approval. Hitting a slow patch but don’t have time to start a new project? Take some time to learn about some of our products you may not be familiar with, or ask an experienced staff member for tips on succeeding in your position.

Be Available

You’ve probably been in a store when someone asked you if you needed anything, and been in a store where you awkwardly shop next to someone silently putting boxes on a shelf. One of these experiences is way more uncomfortable than the other. If someone came into your house and you didn’t say anything, they would assume you’re mad at them. Customers are our guests, and giving a smiling hello while stocking displays can let someone know you’re open if they need anything and makes things less weird for everyone. Having someone you don’t know stand behind you while you work can be uncomfortable, the best way to fix it is to get to know them, at least a little.

Frequently asked Questions

Are dogs allowed on the Farm?

Only service dogs are allowed on the farm. This is due to our regulations for Organic and Sustainable produce, as well as California law.

What do I do if someone is stealing?

If a Customer is seen acting strangely around products or seen putting things in their purse you should notify your supervisor you suspect something and ask the customer if they need anything. Provide that customer an excellent experience. Ask them if they would like you to hold the item in their purse up front for them, or if you can get them a basket. Whether they will steal $500, or spend $500, great customer service is always the best solution.

What do I do if I have a conflict or concern with another employee?

Katie Murray-Ramirez is the head of HR, and she’ll help support you in making sure you have a comfortable work environment. Even families have disagreements, and we understand that sometimes conflicts can arise that require some intervention. You can also utilize our anonymous tip-line to report things like harassment or theft without fear or reprisal.

How do I call in?

If you need to call in to work, you must notify your immediate supervisor as well as the manager on duty. If you do not receive an affirmative response, your call in will not be accepted and will be considered a no call no show, so don’t do it! It’s rare for someone to check their phone for texts on a busy day, so the safest option is to call directly.