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Visit us at the farm to help the Easter Bunny find her eggs!


With all day hunts kids work together to find the Easter Bunny’s lost plastic eggs! She’ll need their help to find all her empty eggs so she can fill them with candy in preparation for easter morning! Children love returning eggs through the various pipes and contraptions of eggy mountain! All the colored empty eggs make their way to the bins at the bottom of Eggy Mountain. Climbing up and down while watching eggs roll through the pipes is a blast!


Enjoy all day Easter Egg hunts!

A fresh pickin’ of easter eggs for huntin’ every hour on the hour. Time with family is precious, and we make sure you get the most out of every minute!


Adorable Easter attractions!

View nature in the height of full bloom, along side beautiful easter decor for more fun than ever before with family photos at photo ops around the farm.


Tons of Easter crafts for visitors!

Children of all ages are invited to make memories alongside tons of awesome crafts to take home!

Use coupon code EggyMurray19

for 1$ off each ticket!