Dog Daze Banner.png

Two Special days all about the pups!


Join us at The Big Red Barn for another year of Dog Daze!

Being an Organic farm means we take great care for the cleanliness and care of our trees - That means dogs aren’t normally allowed, but for two special days out of the year, you can bring your whole family to the farm! Experience a day out with all the new smells and once in a lifetime memories you’ve come to expect from Murray Family Farms, this time with furry friends in tow!

We’ll be firing up our ovens to make a fresh batch of Mrs.Murrays Marvelous Treats - A handmade doggy snack with Fresh ingredients and no preservatives! The secret component of the treats is fresh yams. Not only do the dogs go wild for them, but they’re great for them too!


Check out our improved agility course and walking path that spans a vast green lawn ripe for the sniffing!


Enjoy tons of fun and games whether you have feet or paw! 


Hayrides specifically for the fur babies!

Come strut your stuff at our Costume Contest or show off during the Talent Show.

Photo opportunities for the whole family!


Awww! Remember our old Obstacle Course? Here’s an awesome video from one of the first Dog Daze!

Adoptions for sweet little puppers!


Talented Dogs show off their Gusto!

Learn about Dogs with Jobs!

Shows at Noon, Two, and Four in the Field around the Super Slide!

F.A.Qs and Rules.

I think my dog is extremely beautiful. Is there any way I can receive recognition for my pretty fur baby?

Yes, come to the costume contest, but most importantly, Share your beautiful baby to us on social media @Murrayfamilyfarms, or

I don't have a dog, can I still come to the farm?

pfff! This is one of the best days to even VISIT! There are going to be tons of adorable dogs in costumes, doing tricks, and you might just be able to go home with a new best friend!

I am a dog, can I come to the farm?

Today is the only day! In order to maintain our status as an Organic and Certified Sustainable farm, this is the only day you are allowed to come and visit us! I'm sorry, but doesn't it make it that much more special?!