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Open 8:00am - 5:00pm all December. - Closed on Christmas!

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Murray Family Farms presents: 

Something special happens every year, just right after October is finished. Giant ornaments soon are found hanging with care from the limbs and rafters. 8 foot tall Cheer-crows trade in their old overalls and straw hats for Santa caps and big red suits. The pumpkins begin to look more like baubles that glint and glisten beneath a host of new colors. With the change of the season, the whole farm knows…


It’s a Very

Don’t forget your Pick Your Own Baskets. You can order them online!

A Letter from Steve and Vickie Murray

Yes, you read it correctly; "Murray" Christmas on the Farm. This play on words has been a holiday slogan for many years at the Murray home. We hope that you and the rest of our "Family Farm Fanatics" would get a kick out of it too!

Bring your family out for our on-the- farm Christmas and start a new holiday tradition. Take a "Hay"cation while you sing Christmas carols on our decked out tractor drawn "Sleigh" wagons. You'll chuckle when strolling through our "Giant Santa Story". Eight foot tall Santa figures portray a one of a kind story that is bigger than life, telling the tale of how Santa got fit on the farm.

Pick out the perfect tree. take your picture with old Saint Nick, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or apple cider while roasting marshmallows over an open fire.

-Steve & Vickie


Santa’s First Visit

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When Santa first visited the farm, it was a pretty big surprise. “You’ve got to be super busy! What are you doing here?!”

”Ho ho ho! Well, It’s a bit embarrassing you see… “ Santa proceeded to tell us all about his troubles. Too many cookies, too much time off! He had been making toys and packing boxes for so long that it took him barely any effort anymore and it was starting to show.

Naturally, we helped out and we’re glad we did. Ever since that day, Santa brings just a little extra Christmas cheer to our farm each year. Once October begins to end, Scarecrows toss off straw hats and don red suits, becoming Cheercrows. Even the Cactus get in on the fun.

To commemorate that special day in farm history, we open up a storybook tale underneath the pole barn where our jolly giants present that very story.

Meet Santa Clause!

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Christmas Magic
spreads across the Farm!

Cozy Bonfires
Roasted Marshmallows


Join us as we continue to put on the Farmiest Float in the Christmas Parade!

The Mistletoe Flower Maze!

Mistletoe was born on Christmas day and when the other kittens saw him...they all ran away. Mistletoe had given up hope of ever having a home, but when he finds three little lost kittens his unselfish acts of kindness and a surprise gift from Santa change all that.

Join us during Christmas on the Farm to read the tale of Mistletoe in our flower maze. The benefits of reading with your children are just too many to list here, and that’s why we thought it would be important to give parents the opportunity to take time to enjoy reading with their little ones.

His paws were red, and his fur was green,
And if that wasn’t enough to cause a scene,
his tail had stripes like a candy cane,
and it curled up when anyone called his name.

Everyday Farm Fun

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