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 Celebrate nature's gift to Kern County with

Murray Family Farm's

Cherry Festival!

Every year one of the first cherry harvests in the entire world happens right down the road from Bakersfield, so come enjoy the most delicious place in California at The Cherry Festival!


Join in celebrating our favorite time of the year,



Gourmet Cherry Bar

Get your fill of freshly picked cherries at your friendly neighborhood family farm! Specializing in over 30 different varieties of cherry, you'll be able to try out every flavor we're picking off the tree right now!

Featuring all of our Varieties!


The Wonderful GG1 
 Giant, Dark, super sweet and super crunchy

The Orginal Brooks 
The staple of Murray Family Farms Cherries. Crisp and Rich Cherry flavor

The Royal Rainier 
The eternally delicious sweet as honey King of Cherries!


Special Cherry Delights

on the Cal-Okie Menu

Try out delicious creations by the chefs in our kitchen as they use our fresh picked cherries to create delectable dishes that make you want to use fresh fruit for the rest of forever! Visit the beautiful Bakery table in the Big Red Barn and browse our cherry delights!


Games and Prizes!

The Pit Spittin' Competition

Can you out spit the best of em'? pit spittin' has been a game played by farmers for generations, and we're looking to get you in on the action. Are you a Sequoia Sharpshooter or a Rainier Rebel?! Pick your weapon of choice and get spittin' to take home the Cherry Champion Title,

The Cherry Pie Eating Contest!

The Pie Eating Contest is the Tastiest competition around! Race your friends against the clock to eat as much cherry pie as you can! Can you beat last year's title holder to become the Cherry Champion of 2018?

Funfact: The furthest cherry pit ever spit was 93ft!

Reigning Pit Spittin’ Champion


‘The Pistol’


Jarrod Miller.jpg

55ft of Fatherly Excellence

Circa 2012

Cherryfest Memories!