Looking for a fun day out?

Murray Family Farms offers a unique experience as one of the leading locations for educational and agricultural field trips in Kern County and beyond. Children of all ages are RIPE to enjoy an outdoor learning environment filled with fun, information, and new discoveries. Learn about the life cycle of a butterfly in our beautiful butterfly house or the everyday life of an ant in the Animal Garden, a playground/petting zoo that merges fun with learning in the best ways. The right food choices and the love of outdoor activities are the foundation for healthy living. Our hayride will foster a love of the outdoors, and teach students how to pick fruit that’s healthy AND delicious! All tour groups receive their own personal farm docent as well as a chance to pick right from our fields as a gift to take home for all paid admissions! For a complete list of our activities and availability please visit our FARM FUN page. School tours also receive educational discounts. Minimum tour size is 20 farmhands. 



K-12 Students and Parents

One - Four Years old


Free Teacher with Every 10 students!


How long are tours?

The entry into family farm fun.jpg

Tours on average will last an hour and a half. Meet with your tour guide as soon as possible, and set a rendezvous point for parents or groups to save time when checking in. That means more time on the farm!

What if I’m late?

Oh no! Due to the timing of tractor rides and tours, being late to a scheduled tour can mean missing portions of the full experience. Rescheduling is often difficult or impossible, so make sure to leave a good breadth of time to avoid worry!

Do you have a bonus for schools?

Of course! Not only do you pay a reduced entry fee for scheduling as a group, but you also get a free Teacher admission for every 10 students!

Do you have weekend tours?

At this point in time we do not offer scheduled group tours on the weekends. Simply come out to the farm, there are tours all day!

All tours include…

  • A personally guided tractor tour of the entire Big Red Barn’s fields.
  • A perfectly You-Picked piece of Murray harvest. Delicious strawberries in spring, darling pumpkins in fall!
  • The famous Bounce pillow. Keep your head in the clouds and your feet off the ground!
  • The slip sliding Murray hill, or the age ol’ farmer pastime Barnyard baseball, if you’re old enough!
  • A romp through the Animal Garden, a playground brimming with barnyard pals!

Please contact Executive Director of agri-tourism Kristen Lawson at (661) 330-0100 to book a tour, or fill out the form below to request a tour.