How to Freeze Berries

Or, How I learned to stop worrying about over picking, and love the barn.

Photo Credits (WholeNewMom, Luvonic, Good Food Shared)


No one wants to deal with the anxiety that comes along with not picking enough at the local farm market. That dreaded moment when your hand reaches into the berries only to find the dreaded scrape of the bottom of the basket is unbearable. The only thing worse than that is seeing a whole mess of blackberries go un-eaten. Don't worry though, We've got your back! Read on to find out the absolute best way to keep your own BerryFest going all year long!


Farm Tip!

Don't wash your berries before you freeze them! This will remove natural protective bloom that covers the berry and encourage bacteria.


Step 1. 

Spread all of your berries evenly across a tray, on baking paper.

This is going to keep you from dealing with berries being stuck together, or stuck to the tray. This will certain ruin your entire berry day!

Step 2.

Store in Freezer for 2-3 hours.

You should take this time to reflect on how awesome you are. You're going to be bringing the unbelievable health benefits of berries to your family for months. That's pretty serious stuff. 

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Credit: FitFoodieFinds

Credit: FitFoodieFinds

Step 3.

 Bag em' up!

You're good to place all of the berries in a plastic bag now, but don't take too long. if your berries start to melt they will freeze together, undoing all of your hard work.


Farm Tip!

Seriously, Don't forget the baking paper. It's not just about avoiding the mess. If you break the skin of the berry by scraping them off of the pan it will cause the berry to dry out and lose it's flavor.